Ever wondered what the lovechild of smash Bros and worms would look like, with some music reminiscent of the 90s power rangers TV show? Well wonder no more, because I am here to introduce you to…Warshmallows!

A fast-paced 4-player platform shooter featuring warring marshmallows, or Warshmallows. It is the debut game from developer You Run Ltd and published by Bonus Stage Publishing. Battle against your friends or online using your warshmallow of choice.Jump, fly and teleport across the screen as you obliterate your friends, shooting them and encasing them in bubbles and some kind of rock? The game isn’t entirely over once you’re encased though, you can still take another player with you by knocking them off the platform. The other players aren't all you need to watch out for though, as the round progresses you're presented with additional obstacles from the environment, such as giant eggs and molten rock falling from the sky. This is all relatively standard to the genre so far, but Warshmallows has an additional mechanic to make it stand out from the crowd: Bullet Time. This gives you a nail-biting opportunity to dodge the onslaught being brought down upon you. Or in my case, see my fate being played out in super slow motion. This makes for added hilarity with friends and draws your focus in an otherwise chaotic game.

We have a few game modes to choose from too. You can jump straight into an online game against strangers from around the world, team up in 2 vs 2 with friends, or go for all out carnage against 3 of your friends online. The game also includes couch co-op, which is a welcome addition and something I don't really see that much of nowadays. It's a great idea for families to be able to enjoy the game together. The game also features Steam Remote Play, which we tried out but we found that the game is best either played online with friends or via couch co-op. The issue with remote play is that you’re essentially streaming, making you at the mercy of the internet connection. In addition this Steam feature only seems to work with controllers that are connected to the host computer too. I would like to emphasize that this is a feature of Steam though, not by design of the game.

As you progress up the levels you’ll also unlock outfits, weapons and bullets, as well as building up in-game currency. The presence of in-game currency though is not indicative of the old pay to win issue though, it is merely for cosmetic purposes such as additional player skins. You’ll also be able to unlock additional levels, which are voted on at the beginning of each game. Each is unique in it’s design as well as the environmental obstacles that are thrown at you. We had a go at 2 of the levels, so be sure to check them out in our first look gameplay video.

I chose to play with a controller, while Golding and Toaster chose to use keyboard and mouse. I found the movement and general controls such as jumping and flying to be easy, but aiming at the same as moving required some concentration. You’ll need to use the left thumbstick to move, at the same time as the right thumbstick to aim. I found that those using a keyboard and mouse had the advantage over me, as it was much easier for them to aim whilst moving. At least that’s the excuse I’m using for my poor performance. General performance of the game seemed to be good and I maintained a high and consistent frame rate throughout.

Upon opening the game you’re met with the most memorable of theme songs which will be stuck in your head for days. The music throughout the whole game is a highlight for me, and paired with the colourful and quirky artstyle, it makes for a fun and chaotic gaming experience. I did find at times though I would lose where my warshmallow was, as there is so much going on and sometimes they seem to blend in with the background a little. I do also find it a little hard to work out where I am at the beginning of each round. These are relatively minor gripes though and this game is a strong debut from You Run Ltd. I would definitely recommend trying it out with friends, as this is where I feel the game’s strength lies.

Great to play with friends
Artstyle and music

Occasionally lost track of where my marshmallow was 

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