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So on this channel we play a lot of smaller games, and to give them the scrutiny and praise they deserve, I'm starting this series of byte-sized reviews where I'll discuss at least 2 games we've played, back to back.

Right, first up we have Lunch Lady! 1 - 4 players sneak into a school after hours to steal the answer sheets to the upcoming finals, which are conveniently scattered around the whole building. The goal is to find all ten then escape, all whilst avoiding the roaming lunch lady who is poised and ready to whack you with her frying pan. In co-op it's not game over if she catches you though. If you're carrying a health pack you can revive yourself, or someone else can revive you. If you're incapacitated in a room with the door shut you're out of luck unless someone lets you out. But rather handily, although possibly unintentionally, you can clip through the doors. As far as controls goes it’s pretty standard and straightforward. The game also runs well and the only ‘bug’ as such, was being able to clip through the doors. It did make for some amusing moments though

We played this as 4 player co-op and I believe that's where games like this are at their best. We've played a few games of this style before and this is one of my favourites. The difficulty level is about right and the game is actually achievable, unlike how Devour felt.

There are 3 difficulty levels and we managed to complete two of them. The main reason we couldn't complete the hardest difficulty was due to the fact we couldn't find the last answer sheet. As you can up the difficulty levels, the lunch lady poses more of a challenge. To start with you'll be safe if you just shut yourself in a room, but as the difficulty increases she can come bursting in.

I wouldn't say this game is particularly scary, unless you're terrified of larger than life lunch ladies. But it is great fun to play with friends, and for the extremely low price you can't go wrong. This one gets a big thumbs up from us.

Next up we have From the Darkness. This is a single player horror game I saw getting high praise on Steam, so naturally I bought it straight away and checked it out. It's the second game from indie developer N4bA and is set in an old, abandoned soviet apartment. Basically you show up at some guys apartment with the intention of collecting a photo album, but there's another presence lurking in there, waiting to jump scare you. After collecting the photo album you need to leave, which proved to be taxing. There isn't too much to do other than walking around and clicking on items, and also ensuring you keep the lights on, which gave me flashbacks of playing Scrutinized. If you haven't heard of that, go check out my review.

From The Darkness does a good job of building suspense and focuses on audio throughout. I particularly liked being able to hear the monster as you stand outside it's door. The developer also uses lighting to their advantage, not only to build up the suspenseful atmosphere, but also to deliver some scares. I found it refreshing that this game doesn’t just rely on the traditional jump scare tactic to deliver frightening moments. It did manage to get me with a laughable jump scare though

The game took about an hour to complete, which felt about right to me. Any longer and I think it would have dragged a bit. There was one puzzle involving a lot of doors, which dragged on a little too long for my liking. Part of that was my own ineptitude at deducing what I needed to do though. I wasn't totally blown away by this game, but it was fun and did get me with a couple of jumpscares. Once again, this one is pretty cheap, so if you’re a fan of single player horror games, I’d recommend checking it out. 

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