My name is Starbuck, or Abby if you like. I'm not as much as a gaming veteran as the rest of this lot, with my first console being the original Xbox. I have a love of indie games and always look for new ones to try out, especially if they're horrors. I mostly focus on the YouTube channel and also enjoy producing both written and video reviews


Ahoy hoy, I’m Toaster or just Toast if you can’t be bothered with an extra syllable. I’ve been PC gaming since the early 2000s and never looked back. I started playing quite competitive games like MOHAA, Counter Strike 1.5 and the original Call of duty. These days I mainly play for fun with friends which include FPS, Horror, flying sims, Football and VR games but will play mostly anything…Except World of Warcraft, Just no.

Zen Kzanack

Hey, I'm Zen! I talk in quotes and I enjoy a plethera of video games and the music that goes with them. After all, I have been playing them ever since I was a nipper... Horror's my thing. I guess it's all that will soothe my darkened soul... cue evil laughter Come join us as we embark on many escapades of terror, hide in plain sight and generally play broken games for your entertainment.


Golding, also known as Golding. relatively new to the whole PC gaming but i am a veteran in the console gaming age.
I enjoy a whole range of games but lately i prefer to play the cheaper indie early access style games, especially in the horror genre.
Thats pretty much me in a nut shell


Bzombie or just Bob, the resident fact vault and From Software enthusiast, I support my fellow Jumpcrouchers in creating content in addition to participating in our weekly podcast.
I enjoy annoying my cohorts with odd facts and voice impressions, I'm a fan of classics,horror and indie games but most of all From Software's titles.


Greetings, My name is Winsol. I've been gaming for the vast majority of my life, so i guess it would be a waste to stop now. I enjoy a variety of games, but my main focus is on Rogue-lites & RPG's. I also run a D&D campaign for a few of the guys on the channel. You'll hear me on the podcast, as well as some of our YouTube videos. I may also do some writing from time to time.

Stingers Revenge V25

Just Stinger, the long name is because there are so many variations of Stinger out there, I had to make myself sound unique. Also can be heard called 'Still Loading' due to my hardware limitations...and 'Baby Stinger' due to my youth compared to the group...
My gaming experience goes as far back as the original Xbox and have followed the Xbox systems ever since. Also dabble a little bit in Nintendo, but only recently got into PC gaming. Play a wide range of gaming genres with racing and shooters being a favourite. Also....Bring Back Splinter Cell!

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